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The establishment of a Literacy Network for Iraq responds to the main need of ensuring effective coordination as well as implementation of literacy and life skills programs.  The main objectives of creating a mechanism for the coordination and capacity building of NGOs and civil society actors working in literacy and NFE are: 

Support National NGOs and Government of Iraq in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of effective literacy programs
Build partnerships amongst literacy and NFE stakeholders in Iraq and provide input to the drafting of a National Policy on Partnership and Community Mobilization for literacy and NFE;

Increase access to quality literacy and non-formal education through innovative literacy and NFE programming.
Ensure coordination for the launch of national literacy advocacy campaigns.

The goal of the LIFE network is to allow participants to share their experiences and harmonize their efforts in the fight against illiteracy in Iraq. By joining the Network and the NGO literacy Portal, you will be able to access relevant information on-line, access discussion forums, receive emails with details on literacy initiatives in Iraq and more.
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